Harvesting an ARCSDE Node

This is a harvesting protocol for metadata stored in an ArcSDE installation.

Adding an ArcSDE harvester


Additional installation steps are required to use the ArcSDE harvester because it needs proprietary ESRI java api jars to be installed. See the Developers Manual, Settings for Harvester type arcsde

The harvester identifies the ESRI metadata format: ESRI ISO, ESRI FGDC to apply the required xslts to transform metadata to ISO19139


Adding an ArcSDE harvesting node

Configuration options:

  • Site

    • Name - This is a short description of the node. It will be shown in the harvesting main page.
    • Server - ArcSde server IP address or name
    • Port - ArcSde service port (typically 5151)
    • Username - Username to connect to ArcSDE server
    • Password - Password of the ArcSDE user
    • Database name - ArcSDE instance name (typically esri_sde)
  • Options

  • Run at - The time when the harvester will run.
  • Will run again every - Choose an interval from the drop down list and then select the days for which this scheduling will take place.
  • One run only - Checking this box will cause the harvester to run only when manually started using the Run button on the Harvesting Management page.
  • Harvested Content
    • Validate - if checked then harvested metadata records will be validated against the relevant metadata schema. Invalid records will be rejected.
  • Privileges
  • Groups - Groups can be selected from the scrolling list. When the Add button is pushed, a row of privileges will be created below the scrolling list for each group. Privileges can then be checked/unchecked for each group as required.
  • Remove - To remove a row click on the Remove button on the right of the row.
  • Categories
  • Select one or more categories from the scrolling list. The harvested metadata will be assigned to the selected categories.